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Informations and Publicwork

 Another important part of our work ,without the care, is to sensitize our task forces in the Police, Firedepartment and the Rescueworkers for this topic. In many places there is still this cliché of the tough guy going around who has to be able to take much. This can cuses Alkoholabuse. After reaserch of the University of Hamburg of 353 coworkers of the Policedepartment and Firedepartment in the year of 1997 are :

*Stimulations which are simillar to stimulations from operations, fet off phisical reaktions that they can't control.

These numbers are making it very clear. ! Many concerned persons do not know, that they are suffering of ptsd and what it caused. Thats why it should be the assignment of crisisintervantion services and emergency cure of souls, to inform the forces, gouverments and the public.



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