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Alarming system

The KID Barnim covers the entire district of Banim. Only the two coworkergroups of the KID make this possible. Which about the surface of Bernau and Eberswalde.

The Police, Fire department, Parametics and the Medical profession can call the KID over the first aid post. The first aid post of Barnim will alarm, depending on the operational area, the person in charge of the district, either in Eberswalde or Bernau.

The responsible person in charge of every district is supplied with a celluar and a duty-backpack. This person is taking over the CARE for one week. Every monday morning is duty change and the handover of the utillities. To make it really possible that at all time is somebody on duty, and to back up the coworkers on duty, in case they are under strong pressure is everybody able to call somebody for assistence (Backupservice) 24 hous a day. So 24 hours a day are always 4 persons on duty in Barnim.

If a priest is for example on a funeral, he can talk with the Backupservice that his celluar is turned of for this time or all the incomming calls will be diverted to another KID worker.

In case the cellular of a cooworker is jammed or the batteries are empty etc., will all incoming calls be diverted to the Backupservice. In addition to that is there a Monitor who catches all calls which couldn't reach the Backupservice. The Alarming system doubly backed up.

The persons in duty always have the chance to give a mission to another coworker of the KID if the way is to far to drive.

The coping of the actions is possible by reports, reviews and the monthly supervision.



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