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In the last years the Rescuse service in germany has taken a lot of development. One example is the cration of the job as a emergency medical service assistent. The technical development and the further development in the medical knowlegde has helped to create a high quality Sytem to help emergency victims in Germany.

But there is one part which still hasn't kept up with this development : the psycho - social care of emergency victims is not present at all or still needs some improvement in many parts of Germany. This appears even stranger beause it is a part of the job of emergency medical service assistents to "care about help needing people even so they are not emergency patients to give them the desiered help. " Untill now there are alomst no Experts in the medical service for the pastoral care of emergency victims or family members and friends of the vicitims and of course the rescue workers, who are always under a lot of psychological preasure. The WHO says that a care of these patients helps to prevent posttraumatic stress dissorder and to prevent staying damages on the psychal area. Thatfore there are many organisations which were created in the last years to fill in this hole in the rescue service.

One of these organisations is the Crisis intervention service and Emergency cure of souls in Barnim (KID Barnim). After a preparing period of 10 month started the KID at the 3 November 1997 in the area of Nieder-Barnim. Untill now there are 25 coworkers in the KID Barnim and since the 5 Oktober 1998 the KID has expandet to the entire district of Barnim



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